Skin Care Routine

I’ve always loved playing with different products, but I’ve never had a consistent routine. That all changed a couple years ago, when I woke up and realized I need to start taking care of my skin, so I wouldn’t be playing catch up down the road! Since then I’ve tried all sorts of products and found my favorites. These are all staples in my skin care routine.

ULTRA FACIAL CREAM (click here) : This is my go-to face cream. I use it every day! morning and night! It is so light weight and goes on so easily. It is extremely hydrating without being thick and sticky.
Creamy Eye Treatment (click here) : This cream is incredibly hydrating. I was getting my makeup done a few years ago and the makeup artist correlated my dark under eye circles to dryness. It was a game changer for me. This cream keeps my undereyes hydrated and looking fresh!
Deep Pore Masque (click here) : I love this cleansing masque. My skin is always refreshed after using this. I’ve added it to my skin routine twice a week and have noticed a difference!
Midnight Recovery Concentrate : This is a newer product for me and I love it! It’s an overnight facial serum that refreshes your skin while you sleep. I use it most nights followed by the ultra facial cream.
Hand and Nail Cream ( click here) : I’ve been using this hand cream for a long time. I wash my hands so much, and this cream is so hydrating without being greasy. It strengthens nails and keeps hand looking fresh and hydrated.


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